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Magical Cacao Bliss Luxembourg

Cacao Ceremonies in Luxembourg



The aim of a cacao ceremony is to empower you to release that what doesn't serve you any longer and help you see and re-connect with what is truly important in your life. To live your life with a courageous and peaceful heart.

Cacao compared to other plant medicines is easy to integrate. With cacao we can laugh, sing, dance, be creative, think, do yoga... and most importantly be joyful and feel uplifted.

Ceremonial cacao contains a number of vitamins, minerals and 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries. It is especially high in iron, magnesium and calcium and leads to a release of endorphins. It contains only a small amount of caffeine, but will still give you a burst of energy, that will help you to focus and improve your memory.

Cacao is considered to be the best creativity enhancer as well as facilitator of deep inner work and is used by authors, artists, yoga & meditation teachers, dance therapists, tantric practitioners and the list goes on. It is also becoming more popular in corporate environments.

Find the cacao ceremony who suites you the most

As everyone is unique and has also different needs, we decided to offer themed cacao ceremonies to give you the possibility to find your own and take what you need for yourself.

Full or New Moon
Cacao Ceremony

Connect to the Moon & to the spirit of Cacao

New Moon and full moon are powerful. We will use this power to manifest, energize, let go what does not longer serve us and reconnect to our selves. Combined to all the benefits of the spirit of the cacao. This will be powerful.

Women Circle &
Cacao Sharing

Enjoy the power of the sisterhood

Since the dawn of time, there have been so-called women's circles,is a space for self-reflection and rest, free of judgement. This space is only for Women. Gatherings are typically opened by one individual who encourages the group to connect as a sisterhood, and to share their wisdom and experiences.

Yoga and Cacao

Food for your body and your 3rd Eye

Imagine all the benefits of Cacao combined with all the benefits of Yoga in one session! This will blow off your mind! 

We will not stick to a specific style of yoga, we will navigate trough Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga depending on the workshop. You do not even have to be a yogini or flexible to join, just go with the flow and listen to your body. 

Journey through Sound Cacao

Enjoy an experience for all your senses

You probably heard of it, everything is vibration! And the music and sound do give you a vibration you can actually feel. Tibetan bowls, Koshi, singing and sometimes with some musicians. You will be invited to start your journey and let your mind wander with the sound.

Cacao & Dance Experience

Enjoy the joy of feeling your body moving trough space.

Dancing is a powerful tool to feel and release your emotion. There will be different topics for every cacao ceremony related to dance. Dancing the elements, dancing to release your female energy and connect to your shakti. Dare to open your heart trough dance.

Meditation, Mudras, Breathwork and Cacao

In the stillness lies the power

Guided meditations to connect in a deeper and calm way to the cacao. You will be using different types of breathing techniques to get a higher wellbeing and achieve a higher state of wellbeing. After the different exercises, we will be doing some meditation to calm down and let everything process.

Image de kike vega

Celebrating the Seasons with Cacao

Enjoy the connection through the year to mother nature

Every season has his beauty, so there for, lets celebrate them with Cacao. Setting intentions, journaling and navigate trough them peacefully. 

Private Cacao Ceremony
(For yourself, couples or small groups)

Enjoy the cacao ceremony in the comfort of your own space.

A gift for yourself and your loved ones.

I'm honored to be your Cacao facilitator and guide you trough this wonderful journey of self discovery. I met the bliss of Cacao with my dear Maren Lander during a private Cacao Ceremony and it just blow my mind off how much the Cacao Spirit reveled me over myself and my life path.

After this unique experience, I decided to spread the love of Cacao, got trainings and deepened my practice with it. 

I work exclusively with "Keith Ceremonial Grade Cacao" from Guatemala. It has the highest energetic properties and YOU deserve the best.

Besides of being a Cacao facilitator, I am a certified and multi-award winning dancer, 500h Yoga certified teacher, certified 
in general psychology and I spread the wisdom and power of the Sacred Feminine and empower woman.

I will be honored to share my wisdom with you.

Lots of Love and Bliss <3

Hasta pronto

Mittel Amerika

Information & pricing: 

Duration of the Ceremony is 2 hours


Energy exchange: 45 Euros per workshop

Included: Cleaning the space and yourself/smudging, pure ceremonial grade Cacao from the chocolate shaman Keith (Guatemala), guidance, water and some snacks. 

(vegan cacao on request)

What to bring:


- Come as you are

- bring a blanket if you wish

- Cacao cup, sweeteners (if needed), yoga mats and cushions, are provided. 

How to prepare for my cacao ceremony:


- Avoid drinking coffee & energy drink or eating at least 3 hours before

- stay hydrated, drink water

- set intentions

- dress in comfortable loose clothing

- bring in your best mood

- be openminded 

- bring a journal if you like to journal your experience

Tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable to another person for the same ceremony.

Please book and pay for the ceremony in advance - there are limited numbers and the ceremonies sell out quickly.

Next Cacao Ceremonies in Luxembourg-city:


10.12.23 - Chill Sunday, yoga & meditate  4 to 6 PM 

20.12.23 - Hello Winter, 6h30 - 8h30 PM 


14.01.24 - New Years Ceremony, 4 to 6 PM


04.02.24 - Dance & Cacao, 4 to 6 PM


10.03.24 - New Moon Cacao, 4 to 6 PM

20.03.24 - Hello Spring, 7 to 9 PM


21.04.24 - Yin Yoga & Cacao, 4 to 6 PM


12.05.24 - Meditation & Cacao, 4 to 6 PM


02.06.24 - Woman's circle & Cacao, 4 to 6 PM

20.06.24 - Hello Summer, 7 to 9 PM


07.07.24 - New Moon & Cacao, 4 to 6 PM

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Keith Wilson, The Cacao Shaman


Feel free to connect with me


(+352) 66154 09 62

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